Great WordPress solutions don’t just happen. Exceptional user experiences are part of a rich study of psychological principles that are more than pretty pictures. By mastering a few design concepts we can create UI patterns that make it easier for users to create and navigate pages, consume and post information, make purchases and interact with our online brand.

  • Hick’s Law
  • Zeigarnik Effect
  • Gestalt Principles
  • Serial Position Effect
  • Miller’s Law

These five key laws of UX can be applied to every aspect of websites, plugins, apps or stores, providing designers, developers and product managers with a framework of terms to create well-designed interfaces for editors and end-users.

Good design isn’t just ‘seen’. It is experienced and is an integral part of the engineering process that can take our WordPress products and sites #beyondpretty.

About Me

It’s just eileen. I’m a design engineer creating user experiences and interfaces in WordPress. I’m a partner and founder with Sidetrack Studio and wpBlockShop.com where we take WordPress beyond the blog creating block-based solutions for organizations and products.